Rocket & Wink are:

Dr. Gerald Rocketson
Petronius Amund Wink

We’re looking for the tasks that defy briefing.
Projects that grab us by the throat and don’t let go.
Clients that give us their trust, and earn ours back.

What we do:
Advertising, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Drawing, Editorial Design, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Package Design, Painting, Pattern Design, Print Design, Product Design, Typography, Web Design, Photo Illustration, Icon Design, Street Art, Think Tank, Video Concepts, Whatever.

About Rocket & Wink

Rocket & Wink. Since May 2011, Rocket Man and Nature Boy are a team.
And they see themselves as more than just condiment waiters at an empty breakfast buffet. They dish up in all categories - design, illustration, literature, product development, and conception. And always at full throttle.

Rocket & Wink. For clients who appreciate the gentle vibrations of a hazelnut-sized colibri collecting nectar at a Giant Lobelia just as much as the colossal burp of a mammoth that’s just demolished a greasy repast from the Elvis cookbook.


Clients (selection)

Aldi Süd
Axel Springer AG
Billy Boy
Cow Cow
Deutsches Schauspielhaus
Four Music
Fond of Bags
Grönland Records
Gruner & Jahr
Men's Health
Nike Football
Reeperbahn Festival
Schöffling & Co.
Sony Music
The Deli Garage
Thomas Henry
Universal Music Group
Viva con Aqua
Warner Music Group


Whatever por Ecuadoor (Group 2015)
Ecuador Embassy, Berlin

Cover (Group 2014)
Designxport, Hamburg

David Carson likes our logo
(3 years of Whatever) (Solo 2014)
Designxport, Hamburg

Rocket vs. Wink (Solo 2014)
Hamburger Botschaft, Hamburg

Whatever about Rocket & Wink (Solo 2013)
Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe, Hamburg

We love 8bit - Artshow (Group 2013)
Island, Hamburg + Österreich

The Joy of Graphic Design (Group 2012)
Oberhafen, Hamburg



ADC: Silber | Whatever 10
ADC: Silber | fritz-kola - #vielvielkunst
ADC: Silber | fritz-kola - gebt ihnen fritz
ADC: Bronze | miinu - with love hands
ADC: Merit | fritz-kola - anziehungskraft
100 Besten Plakate: fritz-kola - anziehungskraft
100 Besten Plakate: fritz-kola - gebt ihnen fritz
BM: Platin | Robin Schulz - Headlights
BM: 2x Platin | Robin Schulz - Sugar
BM: Platin | Robin Schulz - Show Me Love
BM: Gold | Robin Schulz - Heatwave
BM: Gold | Robin Schulz - Suger (Album)
BM: Gold | Philipp Dittberner
Plakadiva: Bronze | fritz-kola - gebt ihnen fritz


ADC: Gold | #assyouare
ADC: Bronze | Whatever 9
ADC: Merit | Whatever 9
ADC: Merit | mellow
Lead Awards: Merit | fritz-kola - gebt ihnen fritz
Midas Awards: Gold | 60 Years DWS Illustration
One Show: Merit | Whatever 9
One Show: Merit | Whatever 9
One Show: Merit | Whatever 8
One Show: Merit | Whatever 8


ADC: Silber | miinu. soul works
ADC: Silber | Whatever 7
ADC: Bronze | Whatever 7
ADC: Bronze | fritz-kola - hauptsache wach
ADC: Bronze | Whatever 8
ADC: Merit | Whatever 8
100 Besten Plakate:
fritz-kola - hauptsache wach
BoB: Silber | miinu. soul works
GoSeeAwards: Gold | Whatever 6
GoSeeAwards: Merit | Naturander
Plakadiva: Gold | fritz-kola - hauptsache wach
Red Dot: Winner | miinu. soul works
Red Dot: Winner | Whatever Returns


ADC: Newcomer Agentur des Jahres
ADC: Silber | Music Poster
ADC: Bronze | fritz-kola - müde/wach
ADC: Merit | Whatever 6
100 Besten Plakate: fritz-kola - müde/wach
100 Besten Plakate: Cat Power
Best 18/1: Winner | fritz-kola - müde/wach
BM: Platin | Deichkind. BVGU
BM: Platin | Max Herre. MTV unplugged
Gosee Award: Bronze | Whatever 6
Karl-Schneider-Preis der Stadt Hamburg


ADC: Gold | Die Welt - Brennen
ADC: Silber | Die Welt Kampagne
ADC: Silber | BLUWI
ADC: Bronze | Die Welt - Fernglas
ADC: Bronze | Die Welt - Käfig
ADC: Bronze | Die Welt - Zunge
ADC: Bronze | Die Welt Kampagne
ADC: Merit | Die Welt - Hammer
ADC: Merit | Whatever 5
ADC: Merit | Whatever Year One
ADC: Merit | Reeperbahn-Festival
BM: Platin | SEEED. SEEED.
BM: Doppel Gold | SEEED. SEEED.
BM: Gold | Max Herre. Hallo Welt!
BM: Gold | Max Herre. Wolke 7.
DDP: Gold | Whatever Year One
100 Besten Plakate: Seeed
100 Besten Plakate: Reeperbahn-Festival
100 Besten Plakate: Die Welt - Hammer
100 Besten Plakate: Die Welt - Brennen
Jahr der Werbung: Megaphon | Die Welt
Lead Awards: Bronze | Die Welt Kampagne
Lead Awards: Merit | Whatever Collaboration
Plakadiva: Gold | Die Welt Kampagne


ADC: Bronze | Whatever 2
ADC: Merit | Iron & Wine
ADC: Merit | T.D.G. Kühlwasser
ADC: Merit | Dead Men Cooking
BM: Gold | Deichkind. Befehl von Ganz Unten.
CLIO: Bronze | Dead Men Cooking
100 Besten Plakate: Cake
100 Besten Plakate: Eels
100 Besten Plakate: Iron & Wine
100 Besten Plakate: Slime
German Design Award: Merit | Whatever 1
Lead Award: Merit | Newcomer Magazine of the Year | Whatever 1
Lead Award: Merit | Illustration of the Year | Whatever 1
NY Festival: Merit | PR | Dead Men Cooking
NY Festival: Merit | Book | Dead Men Cooking
The One Show: Silber | Dead Men Cooking
Red Dot | Grand Prix | Whatever Year One
Red Dot | Best of the Best | Whatever Year One
Red Dot | Red Dot | T.D.G. Kühlwasser
Red Dot | Red Dot | Dead Men Cooking


ADC: Bronze | Whatever at First
ADC: Bronze | Whatever at First
D&AD Merit | Whatever at First

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